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Category: General Questions

Chris asks “How much does a hydronic system cost?”

  • IT DEPENDS! Although there are some rules of thumb for standard installations of radiant heating systems, most jobs usually have a unique twist involved in order for the installed product to work effectively. Obviously, a large job of 2000 square feet of heated area will be less cost per square foot than a small powder room of 40 square feet. Instead of guessing the price per square foot for an installed job, phone a professional hydronic heating installer for a quote for your job.

Category: Pre-Installation Questions

Chris asks “How Do I Obtain a Quote?”

  • To help guide to a professional that can tell you more about why modern hot water heating provides Ultimate Comfort or to provide a quote on converting or installing a new heating system in your home, the Canadian Hydronics Council has begun registering contractors in Canada who install hydronics as well as contractors who have obtained CHC supported training programs.Below you will find a list of contractors searchable by region. When you contact them, please mention that you found their name through this web site.