Energy Efficiency Contractors Network

The Energy Efficiency Contractors’ Network (EECN) represents contractor associations and their service partners with an interest in delivering energy efficiency through contractors in Ontario.

The EECN was created to provide contractors with information on technologies, techniques and incentive programs to help them design and deliver energy efficient products and services to the small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector.

The EECN believes that capitalizing on the environmental movement is more than just reducing energy costs for a client—it’s about strengthening the contractor/client relationship for future business.

Follow the 4 Steps to Becoming a Qualified Energy Efficiency Contractor:

  • Participate in the EECN one day energy efficiency training workshop;
  • Become qualified and knowledgeable on energy efficient characteristics of specific building types and technologies that fit your trade expertise;
  • Access the exclusive EECN energy efficiency database for the one-stop-shop of incentive programs; and
  • Offer complete service to customers by identifying and providing Energy Saving Solutions.

The Energy Efficiency Contractors’ Network in partnership with the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) has created a new one-day training workshop to teach contractors how to capitalize on the growing concern for the environment.  Participants of the EECN Training Workshop will receive:

  • Comprehensive information about techniques used by energy management firms to identify potential energy efficiency opportunities, quantify the annual energy cost savings and evaluate the capital investment;
  • The ability to offer complete services to their customers;
  • Access to an exclusive central database of local distribution carrier incentive programs that are targeted to the SME sector (searchable by both incentive type and geographic location within the province).